With New Update Spotify on Apple Watch Can Stream Music Without iPhone

Apple is known for its best features and its impeccable upgrades. As Apple says, the future of health is on your wrist. The new update features that you can now stream Spotify music and podcasts from your smartwatch without needing to keep your iPhone connected. This feature was already being tested to a limited audience in September, but now they are pushing the updates to others as well. The update supposed to be a server-side update hence won’t be available to all currently.

According to a German site, Macerkopf many users have gotten the server-side update today requesting them if they would like to stream Spotify on their Apple Watch. This update will be very beneficial to people who love to listen to music during their workout sessions. They can go for walks without needing to carry their phone with them.

Spotify on Apple Watch

Though Spotify alone does not have a search engine in itself, it will need Siri to control it. You just need to have the Spotify app on your smartwatch and then you can stream your music library by Wi-Fi or your cellular data to your Bluetooth headsets or your speakers. Offline listening is still not available on the apple watch yet. This year, other music streaming service Pandora has also updated their app to work it independently.

With help from Siri, you can easily play your favorite songs and playlist or listen to songs by particular artists and their albums. Users could only control their smartphone’s music by the watch’s Spotify app but soon they can independently listen to their favorite music without connecting to their phones. Apple users watch out as this amazing new update will soon be coming to you.