Withings Received FDA Clearance for ECG & SpO2 in the US

Withings known for its premium watches and hybrid smartwatches has achieved another milestone. The company which does not need any introduction in the world’s watch market was on hold to launch its some products in the US. The Withings ScanWatch which has launched last year had not received a green signal for its essential functions. Now, the vital features of ECG & SpO2 have gained FDA certification in the US, which allows Withings to launch ScanWatch products in the country.

Withings ScanWatch has launched in Europe back in 2020, and already received approval from CE. The ECG on the watch will track heart rhythm for irregularity to check any sign of AFib. The blood oxygen level at night will check for any disturbances in sleep and signs for severe apnea. It also grabs many other features, though these require special permissions from authorities. In the US major companies like Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, Fossil & Garmin have long ago received green signals to launch their products with ECG, BP, and SpO2 functions.

Withings ScanWatch ECG Approved

Withings ScanWatch is not a true smartwatch, and it impacts its battery life. In a single charge, it will not disappoint you for over a month. All the needy parts happen beneath the analog watch faces, and the small section shows you essential data like ECG, heart rate & other factors. In the US, the smaller 38mm version of ScanWatch will available for $279, and the bigger 42mm will cost $299, though the final prices may vary.

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