Xtreme Reckless Car Revolt 3D Now On Tizen

The craze of racing games is increasing day by day and most promising games in store are best examples of it. I still remember when Gameloft launched its franchise game Asphalt 8: Airborne on Tizen phones, the most promising game on Tizen. It was shown what Tizen is capable of, if developers make their best works here. Later Temple Run 2, Turbo Racing, Asphalt Nitro genres appeared in Tizen Store.

Now the new name Xtreme Reckless Car Revolt 3D game has released in Tizen Store. It comes with car racing concept with its own theme. In the first day game has attracted many gamers with a positive response. Till to date it got 4.8 ratings by users, higher than any other games in Tizen Store.

Xtreme Reckless Car Revolt 3D

You can play Xtreme Reckless Car Revolt 3D in different themes, night, day, aside ocean, on a highway & more. You can unlock each theme for 1000 coins, which you will earn in gameplay. Don’t compare it with other games, instead just play it for fun. It is supported on all Tizen smartphones for absolutely free. Read more about this game below.

Your main goal is to reach the next fuel refilling milestone before your current fuel runs out. We specially made it Very Challenging and engaging for you all to enjoy. Avoid traffic as bumping into traffic slows you down, making it difficult to reach the next station. 

Major boosters of this game added:
• Nitro fast speed.
• Magnet – Gets you more coins.
• Shield – Protects you from slowing down and destroy the object you bump into.
• Special coin – Helps you complete mission.
• Double coins – Enable you to score twice. 

Xtreme Reckless Car Revolt 3D Game FEATURES:
• Different degrees of speed
• Action-packed gameplay
• Excellent visuals and a heart pounding soundtrack
• Apocalypse environment and background
• 3D Gaming
• Different worlds to play in.