YouTube Downloader App StereoTube Available In Tizen Store

Many users asks us about one good app that can allow them to download YouTube videos on their devices. Well, then the new YouTube Downloader app StereoTube YouTube Download MP3 Video Player is available in Tizen Store to allow you to get your favorite videos from YouTube. The name of the app is quite long than the other ones, but as it named, it has many features that are very useful. First and most important function of this app is, it allows you to download any kind of videos from the app and store it on your smartphone. It landed on all the devices and you can install it on Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 and the first generation Samsung Z1 smartphone.

To download videos first search for it and select it. After that start it, play it for some time and after that choose button to get it offline. The best part of this feature is in this offline mode you can watch those videos when you goes out of network area. Also it is better for those users who are living in slow network mode. Users can download all their favorite videos and later plays it whenever they want.

The available format to get videos are MP4 and MP3. If you want to get it as a video files then choose MP4 format. To save it as a audio songs then you can choose Mp3 file format. Choice is your’s, both format produces good quality videos and audios that are listenable. The other formats are suppose to come later in next updates. The app also allow you to login to your YouTube account and choose all your videos from your account. It has ability to download VEVO music videos, the best library of English songs.

YouTube Downloader on Tizen

The built in feature Trending Songs is give you top songs of last few days. In the MP4 format you can choose Auto, Small, Medium, High, HD 720 and HD 1080 formats. The Mp3 songs will store in your local storage and you can play them from Audio Player. Also rearrange them as per your need and use all the features as one standard audio player. In the new Samsung Z4 YouTube has came with some new features that customers want in first place. But still if you want to get your videos in offline mode then it is good option.

The new StereoTube for YouTube Download MP3 Video Player app is now available to download from Tizen Store. The app is really good to download any videos from YouTube. The previous app was removed from store due to some reason, but now this one is good to download videos. Now you can go into the Tizen Store and download it on your every smartphones.