Watch YouTube Videos & Use Twitter on Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung has announced Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch and as rumors had guessed most of the features are on the board. The touch sensitive bezel, ECG, My Style, Running Coach and Google Translate are some welcomed features on the watch. Apart from it, Active 2 has some newly added features that are important for users. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 supports social media sites, YouTube & Twitter. In the new Watch Active2, users can watch YouTube videos & use the Twitter account without using their smartphones. Most of the customers are using smartwatches for daily activities so it is a good initiative from Samsung.

Watch YouTube Videos & Use Twitter

It is not easy to handle social media accounts on the tiny screen that some users may find it difficult to operate. It is another question whether YouTube will support HD videos or it serves videos in lower quality.

To use Twitter is quite challenging to scroll on the small circular display to see your Twitter feeds and reply to them. On Twitter, short clips will support, again we don’t know whether you want to play them or not.

Galaxy Watch Active 2

Tizen is already supporting some third-party apps that can play YouTube videos. The XENOZU was the first app to let you watch videos and later many developers created their apps for Samsung Gear & Samsung Galaxy smartwatches.

Playing videos on 1.2” or 1.4” screen is not that bad, we have seen that era in our feature phones. We used to watch videos on a little screen, so if you are familiar with a small screen, then you can try it.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 & Under Armour edition will go on sale from September 27. We will review both apps when it launches in the market and then we can come to any conclusion.

As for your concern, WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram can be used on the Samsung Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Watch Active. There is only one catch, you can only get notifications from these apps, and we think that may change very soon in the next update.