YouTube Users Now Consume Billion Hours Of Video Data Daily

The new report from online video service app YouTube has mentioned that users are spending 1 billion hours of videos daily. All we know YouTube is world’s most popular online video streaming app. It provides almost all kinds of videos on their website and apps which might be helpful for users or they can spend time on YouTube to just entertain themselves. The another shocking facts revealed by Google is if users want to watch billion times of videos in their life, then it will take approximately 10,000 days to watch and finish all those videos, which is impossible thing to do in one life.

Customers daily uploads many kinds of videos on YouTube from entertainment to educational and from health care to viral videos. There are each and every kinds of videos available on YouTube, it may help some person in the world in any possible way.

YouTube was launched officially in 2004 and later in 2006 search engine giant Google bought it. Since then it is free for all the users in the world, surviving over just advertising revenues. In the initial days only professional users were using it to upload and promote their videos, like movie promoters, music bands, online education courses etc.

YouTube on Tizen

Now every customers in world share their videos on YouTube to make them viral. It is possible because of the high speed Internet across the world so we can upload video much faster. Just you have to login to YouTube to upload your videos and that you can do with Gmail account. It is not necessary to watch videos but for the better recommendations you have to login to their server.

Google also claims if you try to watch billions of videos then it is possible that in the same time you would travel from one side of milky way to another side. Want to enjoy YouTube videos on the smartphone then download their official app. We also have official YouTube app in the Tizen Store, go and get it. Don’t forget to share this valuable information with your other friends.