Samsung Team Again Uses iPhone Image for Promotion

In the past, some Samsung employees have used iPhone models to promote Samsung devices, and it created major debates on the internet. Samsung team member has done it again to promote their services. In South Korea, the Community Manager at the Samsung Members app has posted a banner that created controversy. To promote a Samsung service, the official member has used an iPhone image.

Today, the company was promoting its services for Samsung themes. The banner was placed on the main screen of the official Members app, so everyone should see it. Everything was perfect until some users noticed the iPhone image on the Samsung banner.

Looking at the shared image, I can confirm it is iPhone X or iPhone 11 series model. Now, many users are asking a question to Samsung employees are they really like Samsung phones. Further, some users say if official members can’t go with their own smartphones, then how they can convince us to buy their products.

Samsung Members Banner Image

It could be a mistake from a Samsung member or he really doesn’t know which picture he is sharing. Whatever the reason, it gives Apple users one more chance to mock Samsung users.

We all know the rivalry between Samsung fans and Apple fans. Both users love their smartphones, and many times, it creates debates. What do you think, it is the member’s mistake, or he really doesn’t like the Samsung phone?