Samsung will Bring Pro Mode Telephoto Lens for Galaxy Devices

On The Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S20 & Galaxy S21 series smartphones, Samsung has introduced many new & advanced camera features. Along with a 100x moon shot, we can see plenty of useful camera functions to capture stunning images. Though for some users it is not enough and they always demand more features. The company too fulfills most of the user’s demands from time to time, and the new upcoming function is the best example of it. As per the official Camera Moderator at Samsung Community South Korea, Samsung will soon launch Pro Mode for Telephoto Lens.

In the answer to the query asked by Galaxy Note 20 user, the moderator confirmed to bring Pro Mode for Telephoto Lens in the coming updates. He/she further mentioned that the function is still in the review process and Samsung developers are working hard to make it live. Further, in the camera department, the Telephoto Lens feature is examining from various angles to make it perfect. You can below read the official statement from Samsung Camera Moderator at Samsung community South Korea.

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The new function will release for flagship Galaxy devices in the coming months. The Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold & Galaxy Z Flip series smartphones could get the functions in the coming weeks as per their flagship status. It is unclear whether high-end Galaxy A series devices like Galaxy A52 & Galaxy A72 along with Galaxy S10 & Note 10 will get this function.