Galaxy S20 Update Improves Short-range Focus, Fingerprint & Sound Quality

Samsung is rolling out the latest firmware update for Galaxy S20, S20+ & S20 Ultra smartphones to encounter several issues of camera. It is the second update that delivers May security patch and another attempt of firmware to improve the camera quality. The first major improvement is that the autofocus is now much faster than before. When you move the camera to object, then autofocus adjusts much faster without delay so that you won’t get any blur images. As per the users, it is faster when you tap in the middle compare to sides.

Now with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, users can take closer images without any blurry shots. Previously, when most of the customers complained about the close-up pictures in between 10cm are getting blurry shots, then the moderator had told it would not fix by software updates. In the explanation, the moderator said, increased size of the Galaxy S20 Ultra sensor results in a shallow depth and longer focal length of 10cm or more; therefore, it may fail to when to get closer images. It is good that the moderator was wrong, and Samsung finally finds out the solution for short-range focus.

Gala S20 Camera Update

To get closer images, the company has added the Close-up Zoom feature, and users will find it out useful when scanning documents or taking closer images. The Close-Up Zoom function is only available for Galaxy S20 Ultra. After listening to the user’s issues, Samsung has also enhanced the sound quality of the speaker and fingerprint recognition feature, which is now more responsive. Some users also found out Night Mode picture quality has much improved after gaining the latest version.

The latest firmware version G98*NKSU1ATE6 (South Korea) / G98*BXXU2ATE6 (Europe) is releasing for Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphones. The update has just dispatched in South Korea & European countries, and in a matter of time, it will release in other regions.