Play Flappy Bird and 2048 Games on Mi Band 7 & Band 7 Pro

In the recent article, we told you how the new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 & Band 7 Pro support mini-games. Looks like it is true, and more users are now enjoying more games on their little smart band. The two more famous games Flappy Bird and 2048 have been added to the list that can be played by both bands. Flappy bird is a famous jumping game on both Android & iOS, and 2048 is a casual puzzle game.

The number of games in Zepp Life has increased since when developers discovered it is possible to play games on these trackers. The developers at Mitan first discovered it, and they released some known games for the band.

After the hack, developers introduced a custom calculator, plenty of ebooks, and mini-games. The developers further said, Xiaomi has even made it easy to install the games.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Games

According to the developers, now users don’t need to load JS files to the app to use the game, Xiaomi has made it a little easy. Still, if you find it difficult to load the games, you can visit the developer’s website.

We haven’t tried any games as we haven’t received our Xiaomi Mi Band 7 unit yet. If you have successfully played any game on the Mi Band 7, then share your experience with our readers. The new Mi Band 7 is now available to purchase in China & Europe, and Band 7 Pro only in China.