Xiaomi Launched Luxury Mi Band 6 with Gold & Diamond

Xiaomi’s Mi Band series is one of the most affordable fitness tracker series on the market. With its cheaper pricing and tons of features, it always gains the attention of users. The previous Mi Band 6 is also one of the most selling trackers with the best price. Now, can you believe, the Mi Band 6 price can go high to $375! Yes, Xiaomi has launched a new Gold Collection edition that costs $375. In a new edition, users can choose special accessories made with gold & diamond plates.

In accessories, Xiaomi has introduced a wide variety of cases and brooch for the fitness tracker. To make the accessories, Xiaomi has collaborated with the mining company China Gold, and the China Academy of Arts in a home country.

For the Mi Band 6, users can choose a set of accessories from the cheap price of $11 to $375. The final price with all the Gold & Diamond options will cost $445, which is more expensive than most of the smartwatches on the market.

Mi Band 6 Gold Collection

The new band has appeared on Xiaomi’s crowdfunding Youpin website. The Mi Band 6 Gold Collection tracker is for now only available to purchase in China. There is no news on its international availability and pricing.

Currently, Xiaomi has launched Mi Smart Band 7 in China, the US, and European countries. The seventh-gen band also comes at an affordable price with new features. Still, if you want to go with luxury, then go with Mi Band 6 Gold Collection.