Good Lock 2022 Update Released with Plenty of New Features

Good Lock App Update

The first major update for Good Lock modules in 2022 has now been released with plenty of new features. The update is based on the latest One UI 4.0 version and some of its added functions need the One UI 4.1 version. In this huge update, some of the Good Lock modules received new functions, and some have received major changes & fixes. Users can now create their own stickers using Kids Café. They can use wallpapers, animations, or simple words to create the sticker and add tags to them.

In the Nice Shots, it has added Delete without saving button in screen capturing and various backgrounds in self video recording. You can also set Do Not Disturb mode when using screen recording. In Wonderland, users can create a 3D effect by setting the portrait mode on the smartphone, and further you can set the movie file as an effect. In One Hand Operation+, Samsung has added a Keyboard shortcut and a Move the screen option as gestures.

Good Lock 2022 Update

Further, Sound Assistant got Voice Mask feature to set the effect of changing voice on a microphone. You can also customize sound per app in Dex Mode, and it gets a Volume Panel theme. New features are also coming to the MultiStar, Navistar & Homeup modules. The new Decoration functions for widget editing have promised to release in March for the One UI 4.1 version. The update will catch up with all the countries in the next few days.

Source (Korean)