Google Brings Fast Pair Support for Wear OS Watches

In the last few updates, Google has improved its Wear OS app and its services. The Wear OS 3 version has fixed many little things and stabilized the software. In the upcoming Wear OS 3.5 version, Google will bring more features to its Pixel Watch and the other Android-based smartwatches. Now, as per the new findings by 9to5Google, the company is bringing the Fast Pair feature to the Wear OS smartwatches.

It is an interesting finding because, at the Google I/O event, the company announced the fast Pair function for Android Televisions, Chromebooks, and other connected gadgets. It has surprisingly come to smartwatches, which is a good move by Google.

The new Fast Pair function will allow users to connect their previously paired headphones with wearables. It also makes it easy for Bluetooth headphones and earbuds to get discovered easily. This way, it will rescue those users who get trouble finding their earbuds or other headphones.

Google Fast Pair Service

You will notice the new feature in the Wear OS version 22.34, which you can download and install from Google Play Services. The rollout is happening really slowly, and it will end up to you in the coming few weeks

If we predict the Fast Pair support, then Google will definitely bring it for the upcoming Pixel Watch. There are also chances that Samsung’s current Galaxy Watch 4 series and upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 series will get the support. Apart from these two companies, Montblanc also launching a new Summit 3 smartwatch with Wear OS 3 version.