Beta Version 13.18 Comes to Fenix 7, Enduro 2 & Epix 2

Fenix 7 Series Beta 13.18 Update

Garmin is now releasing a new beta firmware update to the Fenix 7, Enduro 2, Epix 2 & Marq 2 watches. It brings the 13.18 beta version with some much-needed fixes and improvements. It has also fixed some errors that occurred in the previous 13.16 & 13.17 beta versions. It contains 15 major changes to these devices. Most of them have come to health features and workout data. It aims to deliver accurate workout results and store all the data on the app. Here look at the all features inside the new version.

  • Fixed data fields not drawing correctly in hierarchical layout.
  • Fixed the HRM sensor icon not appearing in the status bar for swimming activities.
  • Fixed HRV Status 4-week history chart possibly overlapping bottom label.
  • The fixed label is being cut off in Wakesports activity for certain languages.
  • Fixed map banner only showing coordinates rather than selected POIs.
  • Fixed misaligned rows in the new activity settings page.
Fenix 7 Series Beta 13.18 Update
  • Fixed the multisport icon being colored incorrectly on the new activity settings page.
  • Fixed pool length option being incorrectly shown during multisport activities.
  • Fixed possible shutdown when changing daily suggested workout settings from the calendar widget.
  • Fixed possible shutdown when selecting an activity profile to follow navigation.
  • Fixed possible shutdown when switching from one app to another with a hotkey.
  • Fixed possibly not being able to set a custom power mode inside an activity.
  • Fixed shutdown when skipping the last group of a strength workout.
  • Fixed the title being cut off on the exercise load page for certain languages.
  • Updated Translations.

The first 40% of users will first get the update and later remaining 60% will get it at the end of this month. It is available over the air so it will notify you when your watch is ready.