Expert RAW app for Galaxy A55

There is less chance that the Galaxy A55 smartphone will get the Expert RAW app. As per Samsung, it is only supported on flagship models and foldable phones. It doesn’t support any mid-range smartphones, Galaxy fan edition, or Galaxy tablets. It even missing on the new Galaxy S23 FE which has a Snapdragon processor, and the official team has confirmed S23 FE will never get this dedicated camera app.

Per the specs sheet, the mid-range device only gets Camera Assistant & Galaxy X app services. You can use both tools, but not the Expert RAW services. The company stated it requires a more powerful set of processors and RAM to run this kind of app, and Galaxy A55 lacks all of them. You should find another good app from the Play Store if you need a better camera set option. With the wide range of features, you will get plenty of option in camera apps.

Expert RAW Galaxy A55

The upcoming Galaxy A55 will come with Exynos 1480 chipset and ARM’s cortex CPU, still, it will not be enough to get the advanced Expert RAW tool. After the discontinuation of the Galaxy A73, the Galaxy A55 will become the most advanced mid-range Samsung phone, but it will not change anything. We can hope Galaxy S24 FE will get an app.

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