Samsung Galaxy Note Lineup Officially Ended

And officially Samsung has confirmed to end the popular Galaxy Note series. The Galaxy Note was the first phablet in the series, and the Galaxy Note 20 is the last one. It continued to serve users for a decade from 2011 to 2020 when the company last produced its Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra. There were many rumors about the upcoming Galaxy Note 22 phablet, but today, Samsung official has confirmed to shut down the Galaxy Note series permanently. At Mobile World Congress 2022, an official spokesperson has answered it when the media asked the question.

The fall of the Galaxy Note started after the focus of Samsung towards foldable phones. In 2019, the company has successfully launched Galaxy Fold. After that, Samsung shifted its focus to Galaxy Z & Galaxy S series devices. Finally, the main reason to discontinue to Note is the ‘Stylus’ or S-Pen. Samsung is now offering S-Pen with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and may it will come with the next Galaxy Z Fold 4. This way, the company has destroyed the need to purchase a separate device to use a stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note Discontinued

In this journey, Samsung had also witnessed failed Galaxy Note 7. Many experts thought it will hurt the brand, but the company bounced back with Galaxy Note 8 and its excellent features. Since Galaxy Note to Galaxy Note 20 series, the company has earned true & loyal fans who always waited for the next Note series. Looks like this time they have to switch to other devices.