Beta 13.09 for Fenix 7 & Epix 2 Rolled Out

Fenix 7 13.09 Beta

The first update of 2023 for Garmin Fenix 7 & Epix 2 smartwatches has been released. The new 13.09 beta version is future-packed with new features, changes, and bug fixes. The list of features is too long, so we have copied it here. It is a beta version, so you can download it from your smartwatch, or allow it to download & install itself.

  • Add more apps/glances to power controls and hotkeys.
  • Added 7-day sleep stage graph.
  • Added Apps category to activity/app list add flow.
  • Added calorie burn rate chart to post-activity summary.
  • Added flashlight strobe option to power controls. (Fenix 7X/Tactix 7/Enduro 2 only)
  • Added HRV Status 4-week historical graph.
  • Added HRV status data field to watch faces.
  • Added Load Ratio to Training Status.
  • Added more data field options to the hierarchical data page layout.
  • Added new activity stage landing page.
  • Added Obstacle Course Racing activity.
  • Added Workout Execution Score to post-activity summary.
  • Added Wrist Based Running Dynamics.
  • Fixed Armenian font issue.
Fenix 7 13.09 Beta
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes show the run timer as negative in Wakesports activities.
  • Fixed issue where Health Snapshot glance was unable to be added for Quatix watches.
  • Fixed an issue where several Tides menu options wouldn’t appear.
  • Fixed an issue where the max speed of Wakesports activities would sometimes be incorrect.
  • Fixed issues with custom power modes during activities.
  • Fixed issue with flashlight cadence mode not showing red flashes.
  • Fixed issue with Outdoor Maps + deactivation flow.
  • Fixed issue with Outdoor Maps+ after having cleared settings on the device.
  • The fixed map only touches the setting prompt after a device reboot.
  • The fixed potential issue where tones would alert when they shouldn’t.
  • The fixed potential issue with resuming Outdoor Maps+ downloads.
  • The fixed potential issue with the watch face accent color changing from white to something else.
  • Fixed potential shutdown when clearing smart notifications.
  • Fixed potential shutdown when viewing fitness age.
  • Fixed potential shutdown with Drill Start in Pool Swim.
  • Fixed Recovery Time discrepancy.
  • Improved battery estimates when a flashlight is used in the activity.
  • Improved compass smoothness on the compass page.
  • Improved Ski activity to now distinguishes when you are on lifts versus skiing downhill.
  • Improvements to Altitude Acclimation.