Galaxy S23 & S23+ will Soon Get a Camera Update to Fix Banana Blur

Galaxy S23 Major Update

The issue that affecting Galaxy S23 & Galaxy S23+ will be soon resolved by Samsung in the coming update. Many users across the world are having this issue when taking close-up photos. It was noticed by some users and posted on the Samsung Community page in Poland. Later, the official handler at Samsung Community in Poland confirmed the issue and mentioned the update will be released soon to fix the issue.

The camera problem only exists on the Galaxy S23 & Galaxy S23+ smartphones. There is no such issue on Galaxy S23 Ultra, and no users complained. The camera issue on these devices is also known as Banana Blur and can be seen when you take up-close photos of the object. It blurs the area around the subject and makes it difficult to identify. In the temporary fix, the company advises taking photos vertically and taking them from at least 30cm or 1ft away.

Galaxy S23 Major Update

Here is what Samsung official has to say about it.

While testing the camera capabilities of the S23 or S23+, you may have noticed that the area around the subject looks a bit blurred when taking a close-up shot. This is because the rear wide-angle camera on the S23 and S23+ has a bright aperture, which helps when taking photos in the dark. However, this also means that a more noticeable selective focus can make the background of your photos look a bit blurry.