Play Games & Use the Calculator on Xiaomi Mi Band 7

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is now available in China and some European countries. It has launched with a larger 1.62-inch display, bigger battery, and more features. With these functions, Mi Smart Band 7 is a perfect fitness tracker for users. Now to make it more powerful, some indie developers have unlocked many other possibilities. The developers have found a way to play games, read ebooks, and use the calculators on Xiaomi Mi Band 7.

The developers at @geekuying have showcased how it is possible on their Sami Luo Tech YouTube channel. Actually, they have tweaked custom watch faces on the Band 7, where they have loaded the game program on the watch face file.

After that, the gamers imported those custom dials to the Mi Band 7 interface. In a shared video, they have shown basic games like Tetris, 2048, Sokoband & Dinosour Jr games. Further, they said they are working on many casual games.

Furthermore, it is also possible to read ebooks on the tiny smart band and use a simple calculator. The ebooks will support up to 50,000 characters, says developers. According to the source, it is possible because of the ZeppOS software, which has been created with JS code that has been used on the Mi Band 7.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Games

The method to play games or read ebooks has been posted on the website and in a shared video. We haven’t tested these steps as the unit has yet to reach our office. If you know what are you doing with your Band 7, then you should try it or don’t go for it. If Mi Band 7 can do such powerful things, then what about even advanced Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro.