Garmin Received Green Signal to Launch ECG Feature

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Garmin received the approval from FDA for its ElectroCardioGraph feature. This is a premium feature that is available on only a few smartwatches like Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit. Now the feature will be officially available for Garmin’s smartwatches. As it gets clearance from FDA, the company will soon launch this premium feature for its upcoming smartwatch series along with other such incredible features.

For a long time, Garmin was waiting for the approval from FDA, since it filed for approval in June 2022. However, recently FDA approved this premium feature for Garmin. Now it is interesting to see when Garmin introduces this FDA-approved ECG feature on its watches. It is one of the most crucial features that influence and persuade numerous smartwatch users to particular watches, so Garmin may not delay it more.

Garmin ECG Approved

In 2018 Apple became the first smartwatch to get this premium feature on its smartwatches. Since then, only Samsung and Fitbit could have managed to join this row. Now it is Garmin’s turn to join this premium feature offering series. Various customers are keen on their health updates and one of the most important aspects for them is heart rate tracking. FDA-approved ECG feature enables the users to track their progress through the wrist smoothly and conveniently.

The ECG feature has the potential to become the driving force for enthusiastic users and health-conscious users. After this approval, Garmin’s smartwatches may become one of the top choices for such health-conscious users. There is a strong possibility that this upcoming feature may increase the market share of Garmin’s smartwatches in comparison with Apple and Samsung smartwatches. We should eagerly wait for the company’s official announcement regarding the onboarding of this novel feature.