ChatGPT for Amazfit Watches Launched

ChatGPT has earned a name among various developers & other users on laptops and smartphones. The new ChatGPT has also come to smartwatches, and the first initiative has been taken by Amazfit company. Amazfit or Zepp Health has officially announced to bring ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool for its Zepp OS smartwatches. The new tool has launched as a watch face that users can set on the main screen.

The watch face has been loaded into Amazfit Store, and users can apply it. As per the official person, it supports over 90 countries. Users will get the answers from the tool in the written text with just one tap. Here is the official statement from Amazfit.

Amazfit is now capable of incorporating ChatGPT into the coding of its watch faces on Zepp OS, a self-developed operating system for its smartwatches. This watch face, generated with the help of ChatGPT, shows human-AI interaction, as well as the health and fitness data that users care most about.

ChatGPT on Amazfit Zepp OS

With the new ChatGPT tool, users can ask various queries like ‘how was my day’ or ‘start the new workout session.’ It will further give information about various other things like battery life, app information, songs, and others. We have to personally taste it yet, so we don’t have much information about it.

Amazfit has done what Samsung & Apple has yet to do for their premium gadgets. It is an early move by the company and can say the developers will try to improve it in the next few watch face update. Have you applied a new dial on your Amazfit smartwatch? Share your experience with us.

The new dial supports Zepp OS-powered Amazfit GTR 4, GTS 4, GTR 3, GTS 3, GTR 3 Pro, New GTS Mini, and GTR Mini watches.