What is the Future of Fitbit Wearables?

In the big event of I/O 2022, Google introduced its first smartwatch with the Wear OS platform. The new Pixel Watch has integrated with Fitbit services to offer users the best health features. After the acquisition of Fitbit by Google in 2019, we know one day this day will come when Google will use Fitbit technology to build its wearables. Now, that day has come and many existing Fitbit users are asking what is the future of Fitbit in the coming days.

The co-founder of Fitbit and the current head of Google’s Wearable division, James Park, has answered all these questions. According to him, it is not the end for Fitbit wearables or services. The company will keep launching smartwatches and smart trackers as well as other services. He answered what will happen to Fitbit products when we have Pixel Watch on the market. He says not all users prefer Pixel Watch, but there will be some users who always choose a smartwatch with advanced health features.

Google Fitbit Services
Image: Fitbit Sense

In the interview with CNET, he added, “The main goal of launching Pixel Watch is to target Apple Watch & Galaxy Watch users. The Google watch is designed to offer LTE services and at the same time health features like Apple Watch Series 7 & Galaxy Watch 4. Some users never go with LTE services, but simply want a wearable that offers advanced health features which Fitbit offers.”

He clears that in the future, Fitbit will bring smart trackers and watches to give the best health services, longer batteries, and innovative functions on the next products. Last year, Fitbit has launched Fitbit Luxe & Charge 5 fitness trackers. Recently, two major watches, Fitbit Sense 2 & Versa 4 have been spotted in Fitbit App APK files. It hints the company is near to launching both smartwatches in the second half of this year.