Apple Watch Look-A-Like Redmi Watch 3 Goes Global

Redmi Watch 3 Europe

Redmi Watch 3 was first launched in China along with Band 2 tracker. Now, the new smartwatch is going global in some European countries. Compared to Watch 2, the screen size has up to 1.75 inches with a 70% body-to-ratio. It is polished with a 390×450 screen resolution and a pixel density of 341ppi. Further, it supports a 60Hz refresh rate and 600 nits brightness.

It offers 200+ watch themes and 120+ workout modes with auto-detection ability. For a piece of mind, the watch has stress control, heart rate, sleep, and SpO2 sensors. The 289mAh battery can run for 12 days without GPS, and with GPS, it runs for two days.

Redmi Watch 3 Europe

In the other features, you can find camera control, music control, weather, reminder, and women’s health functions. It runs on an RTOS platform that doesn’t support third-party apps or dials. In Europe, Redmi Watch 3 has gone on sale for EUR 199 via the online market.