HRV Status Feature Released for Instinct 2 Series in 9.12 Alpha Update

In today’s latest Alpha 9.12 firmware update, Garmin has brought the HRV status feature to the Instinct 2 & Instinct 2s watches. The HRV status feature first appeared on Garmin Forerunner 955 smartwatch, and later it came to other flagship smartwatches. It has been introduced in the alpha version, and soon, you will see it in a stable version if you want to skip the alpha update.

Most users these days are talking about HRV status because it helps users to track heart rate variability values at night while they sleep. From the HRV value, the watch will later tell you how your body is handling everything from exercises, training load, and recovery time.

Apart from it, the company has added Training Status 2.0 and activity categorization to the add app list. Finally, Garmin has fixed issues with some of its workout activities and other functions.

Garmin Instinct 2 9.12 Update

This week, the HRV status feature has launched for Fenix 7 series, Fenix 6 series, Marq series, and Epix Gen 2 watches in their latest Alpha updates. The function on Garmin Instinct 2 & Instinct 2s will help users to know better about their health.

Here is the full changelog mentioned on the Garmin forum.

– Added Training Status 2.0.

– Added Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Status.

– Added activity categorization to the add app list.

– Fixed an issue causing solar settings to display in Connect for non-solar watches.

– Fixed an issue preventing the device from acquiring GPS while in the Xero widget.

– Fixes an issue causing pulse ox to stay disabled after night vision mode is turned off.

– Fixes an issue causing the lap summary page for yoga and pilates to show & an invalid time.