Caviar’s taking Pre-orders for Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones Edition

The popular company named Caviar Royal Gift is now taking pre-orders for its Gold plated, Samsung Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones edition. Previously company has created special editions of iPhones, Galaxy Note 9 & Apple Watch devices. We know Galaxy Fold is not available into the market at this moment but Caviar company has said before returning its Galaxy Fold it has created special Game of Thrones edition of it, on the name for world’s most popular TV series.

Company has also uploaded promo video on its official YouTube channel. This special edition inspired by “The Winds of Winter” of Gold version is priced at $8,200 with free worldwide shipping. Caviar says it has made seven different edition for each houses from TV series with three different designs. Customers can pre-order Galaxy Fold from Caviar’s official website.

On this special Gold plated Samsung Galaxy Fold version company said, “Caviar got a test sample of Samsung Fold and being inspired by its shape reminding a book, created a precious design dedicated to the most expected book of the modern time – “The Winds of Winter”, a missing part of the novels cycle by George Martin, which lies in the base of the “Game of Thrones” series.”

Galaxy Fold GoT Edition

There is no official news when Galaxy Fold will come back into the market. As per the CEO of Samsung it would launch in next month. Samsung has already asked to return all the foldable phones from the market so there is no single device. That means this edition has been in the work since quite long time. As per the sources company has fixed all possible issues of Fold and it is now ready to return into the market. Still we want to clarify Caviar is just taking pre-orders for the device and sales will start as soon as Galaxy Fold goes official in the market.