Google Assistant Back to Fossil Watches

Google Assistant Fossil Watch

Google Assistant, one of the leading voice assistant for today’s watches have made its re-appearance on Fossil watches. It was there when Google decided to pull it back from some of the Wear OS watches. Did you remember, when there was no such app on Galaxy Watch 4, but after the strong demand from Samsung users, Google had to provide them with an official app? Fossil users had to do the same to get Google Assistant on Gen 5, Gen 6, and other sub-brand smartwatches.

The app will support Wear OS 3 or above version on these watches. Along with Amazon Alexa, you will have another choice to choose between. Glad that most of the watches received a third version at the end of last year. With the Assistant services, giving commands in many scenarios is much easier. You can open Play Store apps, open services, settings, watch dials, and other widgets. Also, you can turn on or turn off some options like sports modes, alarms, and reminders.

Google Assistant Fossil Watch

On a supported Fossil watch, open the Play Store and search for Google Assistant. Install it, and pair it with the mobile app. After a successful pairing, you are ready to use it. It is not available in most of the countries, though there are some other ways to get it.

Google is getting ready for the next Wear OS 4 version with updated Google Assistant. I guess, it will learn some more tricks in the upcoming software. Share your experience with this personal voice assistant.