Samsung’s Good Lock Launches in More Countries

Good Lock App Update

Update: As per the latest news, the app is now available in more countries across the globe. As SamMobile finds out, the update has reached many countries. The Good Lock app and its modules can be accessed in Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Peru, The Czech Republic, Mexico, Portugal, Thailand, and Slovakia. If you are living in any of these countries, then you should check for Good Lock in Galaxy Store.

The creative Good Lock app is Samsung’s one of the best tools to have on any Galaxy smartphone & tablet. The module helps users to unlock more potential on their devices. It stores some of the best tools that you can install on your device. Samsung has finally decided to introduce this must-have app in more countries. As per users, the app is now live in Austria, Brazil, Malaysia, Finland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. More countries might have received it too, but not sure for now.

With the launch, Samsung is expanding its reach to deliver top-notch features. As a surprise, for a long time, the company limited the Good Lock app to only selected countries. The countries like the US, the UK, Germany, South Korea, and India always got new features and tools. The other users never had a chance to get their hands on it, and that could change for these above new regions.

Good Lock App Update

If you are new to the tool, then it hides some of the advanced features that you will not see in the Play Store. You can customize Samsung apps, wallpaper, theme, lock screen, Keyboard, display view, camera, sound quality, settings, and many more. You name it, and the app has that feature.

Even if it is available in new countries, it will only work with supported devices. The Good Lock app only supports flagship Galaxy models and high-end Galaxy A series phones. To download the app, open Galaxy Store, and search for it.


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  1. Why would I want an app that hides advanced Google features? What I would like is a Good Un-lock app so I can use some features that Samsung hides

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