Samsung Canceled All Existing Galaxy Fold Pre-orders in the US, Giving $250 Credits

Samsung has canceled all the existing Galaxy Fold pre-orders in the US, and as a goodwill gesture, it is giving $250 credits to all customers. These are the customers who had pre-ordered Galaxy Fold in April and again later they have confirmed to wait for the re-release date when Samsung asked to confirm the mail till the end of May 31st. Today all the customers have received emails from the company clearly stated that the company has terminated all previous pre-orders and customers will no longer receive their Galaxy Fold. For that, they have to order it again when the company re-launch it in the US, which is September 27th.

Most of the customers would not be happy with this decision. It is good that they are getting $250 Samsung credit but customers want their product as they had been promised by the company. Now again they will have to stay in the line to get Galaxy Fold and due to limited stocks, many of them might not get one. There is a news the company will sale it in the retail stores instead of official website.

Galaxy Fold Email

Here is the official email statement from the Samsung,

“Ensuring that you have the best possible experience with this revolutionary new technology is our top priority. We are taking the time to rethink the entire customer experience-from purchase to unboxing, to post-purchase service-so in the meantime, we have, regrettably, decided to cancel your existing pre-order. While not an easy decision to make, we believe that this is the right thing to do.”

On September 6th Samsung will officially launch Galaxy Fold in South Korea and later France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK on September 18th. The US has September 27th official date for Galaxy Fold when customers can again purchase it. The customers who have received $250 Samsung credit, can use it to purchase any item on Samsung’s website or they can use it while paying to Galaxy Fold at the checkout when getting the product. Also, the customers who have paid for Galaxy Fold in the recent will receive their paid amount.