Galaxy Z Flip 4 to Launch with Various Color Options

Galaxy Foldable Market

Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a month away from the launch date, which will be announced along with the Z Fold 4 smartphone. While the launch is near, we are getting more information about it from various sources. Yesterday, we received wallpapers of upcoming foldable phones, and today, leakers gave us information about its color options. As per the latest source, Galaxy Z Flip 4 may come in nine color options, more than the current Z flip 3 & Fold 3.

As per the leaked images, there won’t be any changes in design, but Samsung may offer it in different colors. It is the success formula of Galaxy Z Flip 3 in South Korea, where the company sold more units than regular Fold 3.

According to the source, Flip 4 may have Gold, Light Blue, Purple, and Gray as the main color options. Further, there are five color combinations – Gold/yellow/Yellow, Black/Green/Green, Silver/White/White, Silver/Navy/Navy, and Gold/Yellow/White.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Color Options

The rumor further mentions that the company will largely produce Gray color models for the first few months, followed by Purple & Gold. The sequence might change if there is demand for other color models arises.

In 2021, Samsung saw a big spike in the sale numbers of Galaxy Z Flip 3, which is offered in various colors. According to the official information, Samsung sold 70% of Flip 3 compared to 30% of Fold 3 in the first few months. We have to see if this formula works again with the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4.