Major Alpha 9.22 Update for Fenix 7 Series Released with New Features

Beta 9.24 Update Fenix 7

The previous Alpha 9.15 firmware was released to tackle most of the issues on the smartwatch and to improve existing features. Now, Garmin has released major Alpha 9.22 firmware update for Fenix 7 series smartwatches. The new alpha version brings plenty of new features that will later reflect in a stable version. The list of the changelog is huge and you can understand with the jump from the 9.15 to 9.22 version.

As per the changelog, Garmin has added a total of 27 new features & changes to the watches. It mentions adding a trophy to be displayed when you win a race, and now you can reorder stocks from the widget. In the cycling power guides, users can now see the effort page, adjust gear weight, and adjust terrain options.

There is now a course map preview and course elevation page on the primary race widget. Further, it has added the main page to the HRV status widget and added HRV status to training readiness and training status.

Fenix 7 Series 9.22 Update

The whole list for alpha 9.22 changelog has given below.

– Added a trophy to be displayed after completing a race.

– Added ability to adjust gear weight for cycling power guides.

– Added the ability to reorder stocks in the stock widget.

– Added adjust terrain option to cycling power guides.

– Added confirmation page after completing a race.

– Added course directional arrows to course lines on the map.

– Added course elevation page to Primary Race widget.

– Added course map preview to Race Widget.

– Added Cycling Power Guide support.

– Added Effort page to cycling power guides.

– Added follow a course and PacePro selection to the Primary Race widget.

– Added Heat Acclimation history page to Training Status.

– Added HRV Status to Training Readiness and Training Status.

– Added Load Focus access to Primary Running events.

– Added the main page to HRV Status Widget.

– Added Move/Copy prompt for adding individual glances to a Glance folder.

– Added option to adjust rider position to Cycling Power Guides.

– Added option to copy Glances back to the list if a folder is deleted.

– Added options menu to Primary Race widget.

– Added Plan Overview page to Daily Suggested Workouts.

– Added Sleep Score history page to Sleep widget.

– Added support for custom race icons in the Primary Race and Race Calendar widgets.

– Added support for the ‘Software Update Check via Wifi’ to now be accessible via Garmin Connect Mobile.

– Added ‘swipe to delete’ support to the Stocks widget.

– Added text marquee to Primary Race widget.

– Added the ability to adjust power guide effort.

– Added the ability to view specific splits within a power guide.

– Fixed HRV Status highlighting incorrect unbalanced section in the widget glance.

– Fixed HRV Status when in a glance folder.

– Fixed inconsistent VO2 Max value between the widget glance and Training Status.

– Fixed incorrect Load item in Training Readiness.

– Fixed issue causing Connect IQ watch faces to be stuck in their high power mode after palm touching to get back to the watch face.

– Fixed issue causing excessive Daily Suggested Workout prompting.

– Fixed issue causing inconsistent sleep values in various widget glances after wakeup.

– Fixed issue causing missing Training Status and Race Predictions.

– Fixed issue causing potential empty glance folders.

– Fixed issue causing sluggishness in glances when Connect IQ glances were present.

– Fixed issue causing widget glance loop to not time out.

– Fixed an issue where a Connect IQ watch face would be stuck in its high power display while the watch was in low power mode.

– Fixed issue where a user could not advance past the daily suggested workout and into a running activity.

– Fixed issue where activity summary would not always timeout back to the watch face.

– Fixed issue where altitude acclimation would not return to the training status widget.

– Fixed issue where battery saver could enable unexpectedly.

– Fixed issue where Cycling Power Guides were not changing after edits were made.

– Fixed issue where HRV status might not appear in Garmin Connect correctly.

– Fixed issue where incorrect text could be displayed on the map download page.

– Fixed issue where incorrect training effect could be shown in the post-activity summary.

– Fixed issue where power guide data fields would not properly update during an activity.

– Fixed issue where power saves would activate even if navigation was still calculating.

– Fixed issue where RCT could disconnect while on the widget glance.

– Fixed issue where recovery time would show “hours” instead of “days.”

– Fixed an issue where some course points could not be selected.

– Fixed issue where the calendar widget would not update inside a widget glance folder.

– Fixed an issue where the title of a widget glance folder would not always display.

– Fixed issue where turning on Night Vision altered Pulse Ox check mode settings (Tactix 7 only).

– Fixed issue where a user could be prompted to select which wrist their watch is on after already configuring this setting.

– Fixed issue where users may need to click the start button twice to enter an activity.

– Fixed an issue where a watch would crash when syncing a new calendar race event.

– Fixed issue with automatic golf course updates.

– Fixed issue with cycling power guides where changes were not being saved.

– Fixed issue with an incorrect page being pushed for the Training Readiness stress factor.

– Fixed issue with VO2 Max coloring in the Training Status widget.

– Fixed issue with weight while creating a cycling power guide.

– Fixed issue with widget glance folder creation when accessing via the main menu.

– Fixed missing ‘long ride’ string in Daily Suggested Workouts.

– Fixed missing page indicators on Training Status and Training Readiness widgets.

– The fixed potential issue where sleep data was missing from the watch but still present in Garmin Connect.

– Fixed potential issues with Connect IQ app installs.

– Fixed potential shutdown after updating an HRM device.

– Fixed potential shutdown on the Sensors’ About page.

– Fixed potential shutdown when viewing the race event before the start of a run activity.

– Fixed potential UI issue with Load Focus sub text in Training Status.

– Fixed potential UI issues with the Acute Load History graph in Training Status.

– Fixed sleep score history graph showing values in reverse order.

– Fixed sleep score history graph when less than 7 days of data.

– Fixed UI issue on Training Status tips page.

– Fixed Xero widget not acquiring GPS.

– Improve fonts on the acute load page.

– Improve virtual caddie rounds remaining to have a black background instead of white.

– Improved alignment of sub-data in folder glance view.

– Improved automatic altimeter calibration.

– Improved Load Focus glance indication to make it dynamic.

– Improved race time predictions.

– Improved UI for Primary Race widget.

– Improved/Fixed stocks app data.

– Improved/Fixed Training Status and Training Readiness.

– Updated cycling power guide UI for pair power meter prompt.

– WHR improvements.