How to Use Snapchat & Pinterest on Apple Watch Series 6 & Watch SE

Pinterst on Apple Watch

Snapchat & Pinterest are two engaging social media apps. Both these apps have millions of downloads in iOS App Store & Android Play Store. Recently, Snapchat has successfully achieved one billion downloads on Apple devices, which has been done by very few apps. In comparison, Snapchat & Pinterest are two different apps with user experience. Snapchat is used for its exclusive filters & status. Pinterest is used to get quick information via images and infographics. These apps are available in the App Store, but not on Apple Watches.

The lack of presence of these apps on the Apple Watch may be a little processor, small battery, tiny screen, and insufficient RAM & internal memory. Whatever the reason behind it, or the apps may come later for the Apple Watch. Till then, you can use the tips to use both social media apps on your smartwatch. I will not call it any tips or tricks, because it is a simple way to get notified from these apps. You can view the messages, delete them, or reply to them. To do so, follow these steps to use Snapchat & Pinterest on Apple Watch Series 6 & Watch SE.

Snapchat & Pinterest on Apple Watch

Pinterest on Apple Watch

1. Get both apps on paired iPhone

You can download Snapchat & Pinterest app from the App Store. Search for the apps, and download them.

2. Go to Settings – Notifications

On paired iPhone, go to Settings. Now, tap on the Notifications option. Both newly downloaded apps will present in the Notifications section.

3. Search for both apps

In the Notifications, search for the apps, or scroll down below to get them.

4. Activate Allow Notifications & Show in the Notification Center

It is the gateway to get messages & notifications. You have to enable Allow Notifications & Show in the Notifications Center option.

5. Now open the Watch app on iPhone

There is an app called Watch on your smartphone. It is the official app from Apple to connect iPhone with Apple Watch. Open it to go to the next step.

6. Tap on Notifications

The official Watch app has its own Settings and Notifications option. Tap on Notifications.

7. Find Snapchat & Pinterest

In the Notifications, find both apps. If you will not see them, then scroll down in the app list.

8. Enable the toggle

Finally, to get the messages, activate the toggle button. It is necessary to receive the message, so enable the toggle.

In Flight mode or DND mode, you can’t receive any messages from the apps. All the incoming messages will directly come to your Apple Watch Series 6 & Watch SE. In the same way, you can deactivate the option to unfollow Snapchat & Pinterest apps.