Galaxy A74 may not Exist this Year

And when users were thinking the next Galaxy A74 will narrow the gap between mid-range and flagship phones, Samsung decided to terminate it. If we believe the new rumor, then there is a chance the Korean company will kill one of the finest Galaxy A series phones that users ever loved. According to the rumor, Samsung is not in the mood to release Galaxy A74 this year. The reason has not been specified, but it could be because of its top-quality features, that drag users from flagship models.

For years, Galaxy A3x, Galaxy A5x, and Galaxy A7x models are the best choices for users, when it comes to mid-range devices. Over the years, they have evolved with new techs and One UI features. They made a perfect bridge between Samsung’s flagship and low-end smartphones.

Most users who can’t afford high-end models are always found a sweet spot with Galaxy A series. It all changed when Samsung put advanced features and a 108MP camera on the Galaxy A73. It was the same camera that the company used on Galaxy S21 Ultra & S22 Ultra.

Galaxy A74 News
Galaxy A73

Now, when users thought the next Galaxy A74 will have flagships like a camera and other features, Samsung is deciding to kill it. So why Samsung is doing it in the first place? Why does it want to create a such huge gap between mid-range and high-end phones?

The first answer that comes to mind is it wants to lower the prices of its older flagship phones. You know recently Galaxy S22 was selling below at its lowest price ever. It might have the plan to minimize Galaxy S22 price even lower when there is Galaxy S23.

The recent Geekbench score & leaked images of Galaxy A34 & Galaxy A54 reveals both are in development, but still, there is no single news on Galaxy A74. That leaves us, we might not see it this year same like Galaxy S22 FE or Galaxy S23 FE may never release in the market.