Best Games for Galaxy A52, A53, A72 & A73

The latest legacy of Samsung in the mid-range smartphones will carry Galaxy A52, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A72 & Galaxy A73 devices. The previous Galaxy A51 & Galaxy A71 with Alt Z features were some of the top-selling phones of the last year. These devices helped Samsung to bring back some market shares from the Chinese companies. The New Galaxy A52, A53, A72 & A73 have launched with even more superior features. The 90Hz & 120Hz display, Snapdragon chipsets, up to 16GB RAM, and monster batteries will lead in every corner.

These extra enhanced features will let anyone experience these devices without any delay, bugs, or other glitches. Especially, these are curated for high graphics gaming and stunning effects. The experience might not meet the expectations of Galaxy S22 Ultra, iPhone 13 & Galaxy Note 20, but it will easily surpass the OnePlus 9, Xiaomi Note 10 Pro & Oppo F9.

We are not saying without any evidence, and you can also check it yourself. If you are lucky to buy Galaxy A52, A53, or Galaxy A72 & A73 in the first place, then here are the best games to try. These are the top 10 games you should play and experience on these monstrous devices.

Best Galaxy A Series Games

1. Fortnite

Best Galaxy A52 Games

I am starting the game which is now exclusive to Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If you know the history, then you know it is not exclusive to Galaxy phones. Android & Apple both have restricted all Epic games from the Play Store & App Store respectively. Luckily, Samsung also uses Galaxy Store, the alternative to the Android Play Store. You can download this premium game from the store with all the original qualities. Install it, and feel the goodness of top multiplayer online games.

Download: Epic Games

2. Minion Rush

Best Galaxy A52 Games

It is an inspired game by the famous Subway Surfers that are also present in the Play Store. The Gameloft team always creates games that became popular in the long run. The Minion Rush also walks on the same path. The only change you will see is minion is the main character. The surroundings and the gameplay have changed a little bit, and in the final, you have to run for your life. You might feel tired of playing Subway Surfers in every major city, so I have added this option. It is free in the store, and you can unlock other items & packs with extra money.

Download: Minion Rush

3. Super Mario Run

Best Galaxy A52 Games

The child’s dream of playing this game is now become reality on your smartphone. Back in the day, some of us don’t have Nintendo to play this game. Now, thanks to the Nintendo team, Super Mario Run is available for Android & Apple phones. The Galaxy A series phones are the perfect devices to play for a long time. Mario is searching for the princess, and the extreme adventure helps him to find her. The gameplay will not disappoint you as Nintendo has created the world’s best games.

Download: Super mario Run

4. Payback 2

Best Galaxy A52 Games

Another multiplayer game in a new style. It is a racing game in the first place and then acts in the second place. In the racing genre, it is common to dash other cars, fight with them, or use some trick to block their roads. In Payback 2, you can do all the stuff and as a bonus, you can feel the action. The world’s popular gaming websites have praised this new game in the last few months. The surroundings, tracks, cars, tools, controls, and everything are finely created. Asphalt 9 & Need for Speed players must try this game.

Download: Payback 2

5. Mech Arena

Best Galaxy A72 Games

In the PvP battle combats, you have to show your skills, experience, and quick decision-making. The Mech Arena is new in this field, and we can’t compare it with Free Fire, Fortnite, PUBG, or Call of Duty. The robotic adventure will give you new experiences when you go to the battle. Choose suitable weapons from the dozens and fight against evil robots. It doesn’t have any background story with movies. Play Mech Arena or a new smartphone, and give it a rating as per your gaming experience.

Download: Mech Arena

6. FIFA Soccer

Best Galaxy A72 Games

It is impossible to count football lovers on earth. It is the most played game and over 100 countries take participate in this game. The craze is the same with the FIFA tournaments and their official games. The EA or Electronic Arts is one of those companies that always make top-notch quality games on football. Your favorite players like Ronaldo, Messy, Zidane and all the teams are present in this tournament. Choose your team, make tactics, gather all the teammates, and win the games. FIFA Soccer is available for free in the Play Store.

Download: FIFA Soccer

7. Rebel Inc

Best Galaxy A72 Games

The creator of Rebel Inc is a well-known developer who has created the Plague Inc game. The Plague Inc is one of the finest and unique quality games in the Play Store. In Rebel Inc, you will experience the quality creation of the developers. You have played many games on war, and also have destroyed many people and cities in the FPS or TPS genres. This one is particularly different than those war zones. It shows you the post-war environment of the cities. Meet the people, ask questions, build better cities and help in many ways. Fund the government, make strategies and stabilize 7 rich regions.

Download: Rebel Inc


Best Galaxy A72 Games

The world war between the two countries has made both countries go into an apocalypse. You are one of the survivors of the new world. It is time to wake up, save yourself, make interactions with other people, and built a better world. It includes new people, new creatures, new locations, and new enemies. Use any tactics to survive in any way. The ATOM RPG is not free in the Play Store. You have to pay $3.99 in the store, and you can also make some purchases in the Gameshop.

Download: ATOM RPG

9. Ravensword

Best Galaxy A72 Games

The Ravensword will remind you Infinity War series on Apple devices. That series was very famous on iPhone, iPad & iPod, due to the rich graphics and fantastic gameplay. The Ravensword is much similar in the graphics, and the character design but a lot different in the storyline. In the pre-era fight against dinosaurs, evil minds by collecting dangerous weapons. In the surroundings, it contains lots of items, heels, creatures, and other things. It is available for $3.99 in the Play Store.

Download: Ravensword

10. Sorcery 2

Best Galaxy A72 Games

It is another engaging game for the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A72 & Galaxy A73. It will drive the story which you will write. All the stories go through the deadliest roads, which are full of thieves and murderers. The actions & choices taken by you will lead you to the final chapter. It serves over 30 monsters to fight and you can use all the necessary skills & experience. The Sorcery 2 comes with a price tag, but worth every penny.

Download: Sorcery 2

The game available in the Galaxy Store is Fortnite. The others all are present in the Play Store. To get Fortnite, you have to first download & install the Epic Games app. After that, open the app and download the Fortnite app. All the included apps support Galaxy A52, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A72 & Galaxy A73 devices. These are the top 10 games for your smartphone. Play it and share your experience.