Next Galaxy S22 Camera Update will Improve Night Photography

The latest Galaxy S22 series offers one of the best camera sensors on the market. Especially, Galaxy S22 Ultra with its 108MP camera produces quality pictures. Even with the advanced camera setup, there are still some areas where Samsung needs to work. Many users have complained about it, and Samsung had promised to fix them. Now, as per the words of Camera In Charge, the company will soon release a new software update to solve those issues.

In the latest post, Camera in Charge has answered the unsatisfied user and told him that the improvement update will launch soon. The key area where Samsung has come up with a fix is low light photography in the absence of light.

Galaxy S22 camera takes good quality pictures at night, but when there is a light. Now, Samsung will focus on night photography in extremely low light conditions to get detailed pictures without getting noise.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Update

Further, the camera shutter lag will be taken care of in the new firmware. Samsung’s new phones have packed with mighty Qualcomm processor, but still, some users face camera shutter lags.

Finally, the official person said it will review all the features shared by users and they will work on them. By launching the Expert RAW app, the company has already improved many functions and fixed many issues. Still, there is work to be done in many areas in the default camera app. The next software update for Galaxy S22, S22+ & S22 Ultra will release somewhere in June.


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