Samsung Launched Repair Mode Function to Hide Private Data while Repairing

In our smartphone usage, we visit a service center or repair shop at least once to solve the issues. Sometimes we have to keep our phones for a few days to diagnose the problem. Many users have to share their passwords with a representative or person in such a situation. To solve this biggest issue, Samsung has launched the Repair Mode function on its smartphone. The new feature will hide all the sensitive data while your phone goes for repair.

It is the most essential feature of any smartphone, but no one took it seriously to introduce it. Finally, Samsung listened to what customers wanted to say regarding their safety, so it launched a new service on its Galaxy phones.

In Repair Mode, you can hide all your sensitive or private data and reboot the phone. When you give it to the repair person, then the whole time it will be activated. Once you take the phone, then you can again reboot the phone to unlock all your personal data.

To disable Repair Mode, you can use a fingerprint or password. Further, it will show you phone logs that recorded recent issues in a service center. As per the official statement, the logs will tell which apps and settings have been used recently. The settings that were changed by a technician will also be restored.

The new function is available in South Korea for Galaxy S21 smartphones for now. It will release on the device via the next software update. The Repair Mode feature will soon debut on other Galaxy devices including Galaxy S22 & Galaxy Z Flip 4.

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