Measure Stress & Breathing on Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2

Samsung is improving its smartwatches every year with better specs and additional features through OTA updates. The new Galaxy Watch 3 is also one of those wearables you might want to wear on your wrist. I can now say, Samsung has made a true competitor smartwatch to Apple Watch Series 5 & next Series 6. Blood pressure, ECG, fall detection, and women’s health tools are a few of the features that are now part of the Galaxy Watch 3. For a year, these functions were only part of Apple Watches, but now Samsung users can also use them.

There is also a stress & breathing function you will see on Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 wearables. It is necessary to check whether you are crossing the limit & taking too much pressure. The watch will also alert you when the stress level is very high or more than normal. In such a condition, the watch will advise you to take a deep breath to lower your stress and feel fresh.

It is the best way to decrease stress and relax to work again with a fresh mind. To manage your stress level and track it, here is how to track stress & breathing on Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2.

Stress & Breathing on Galaxy Watches

1. Download the Samsung Health app

Stress & Breathing Measurement

The stress & breathing features are the part of Samsung Health app. You have to download the app on your smartwatch and your paired smartphone. On the phone, you can download it from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

2. Go to the Health app, and open the Stress menu

Stress & Breathing Measurement

In the Samsung Health app, you will see the Stress menu. Stress & breathing measurement is part of the Stress menu.

3. Now tap on Measure

Stress & Breathing Measurement

When you open the Stress menu, tap on the Measure option. Now, wear the watch tightly and wait for a while. It will tell you the score when it is done.

4. After done, you will see the stress level

Stress & Breathing Measurement

When you have done stress monitoring, it will tell you stress in stress levels. The Green is fine and the Red shows a high-stress level.

5. Now, below you will see Breathing

To reduce the stress level. You will see Breathing measurements on the same screen. Tap on the Breathe to start a one-minute exercise.

6. Inhale & exhale for a minute

Stress & Breathing Measurement

To reduce the tension you should take a deep breath and inhale & exhale six times. After the process ends, you will see the results.

Stress & Breathing Measurement

Samsung Health app has been created to provide better services to stay fit, and the Stress function is one of them. You can check your stress level from time to time and exercise by breathing. Also, in the Stress menu, you can find HR & Stress measurements. In this setting, you can decide whether you want to measure stress continuously, every 10 minutes, or manually.

Now you know how to measure stress & breathing on Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 smartwatches. You can see my stress level is very low and shows in green. It means I don’t have any stress at this moment. Still, if you have any problem with the functions, then feel free to ask me in the comment box below.

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