WhatsApp On Samsung Galaxy Watch

WhatsApp is the most essential app on every device, no matter which platform you use. This trend now comes to wearable gadgets, where all users need WhatsApp Messenger. Samsung Gear wearables are one of those few devices which supports this largest social media app. It is here since the first-generation Gear watch. Now the new Samsung Galaxy Watch too supports WhatsApp Messenger. Even it supports on Samsung smartwatches, you will not see WhatsApp in the Gear/Galaxy App Store. The reason is, due to the heavy app file to download, Samsung restricted it from the Galaxy App Store. Even Android Wear OS & Apple Watches are still not having official app on their smartwatches. Now you will ask then how we can use this app on new Galaxy Watch.

To use WhatsApp on Samsung Galaxy Watch you have to follow some simple steps. The given steps are easy to follow and with it you can get any WhatsApp messages on the main screen.

To start, first pair your Galaxy Watch with your smartphone. To do that download Wearable app from Play Store or App Store and login to it. After successfully pairing both devices follow these below steps.

1. Go to Settings -> Manage Notification on your device.

2. Here, activates the notification of WhatsApp app.

3. Connect you WhatsApp account with the watch.

4. You have successfully activated app on the gadget. To see the incoming messages, go to the home screen and swipe to the left.

5. Now you can read all your text messages and other supported files.

WhatsApp on Galaxy Watch

After following these steps your messages will appear on the main screen, you can read them by sliding screen on left side. You can read, reply, edit & delete messages from the Galaxy Watch. Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch wearable is available in market with many exciting offers and cashbacks. The larger battery, advanced processor & RAM, best display, Gorilla Glass protection, latest Tizen 4.0 software version, plenty of fitness apps, 60k+ new watch faces and more variants are the pros of it.

Samsung took care of everything on the watch to compete it with its other rivals – Apple Watch Series 4 & Android Wear watches like Amazefit, Fitbit, Garmin & Huawei wearables. In the launch event company has declared that it will support all the Samsung Gear S3 apps. You can download all these apps from Gear/Galaxy App Store. If you found any difficulties to get the messages or in the given steps then feel free to ask your queries in the comment box below. Found this article helpful? Then share it with your other friends.


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