At Current Samsung Will Not Sell Galaxy Home Mini Separately

In answer to the query of a customer, Samsung representative in South Korea says for now there is no plan to sell Galaxy Home Mini separately. At the current, the home speaker is only available as a gift when customers in South Korea pre-order Galaxy S20 series smartphones. That means the customers who pre-ordered Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra will use it first though they will receive it on March 6. At the deleted post, Samsung had mentioned launching Galaxy Home Mini on February 12 but later canceled it without proper specification.

Here is the reply from Samsung representative at South Korea (Translated),

“Hello, I am in charge of your Samsung mobile phone. I’m sorry for the late reply. Thank you for contacting Homi Mini. We will guide you through inquiry. At present, the Galaxy home Mini is not going to be sold separately when the relevant department is confirmed, and it is currently only available as a free gift of S20 pre-order purchase benefits.”

Galaxy Home Mini News

Many Samsung customers are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the home speaker but the official says they don’t have any specific release date. The other tragedy is the customers who have waited for a long time to purchase the home speaker are not in the mood of Galaxy S20. As per the deleted post, the Galaxy Home Mini will be available for $83 in the market so I don’t think any user will pay for galaxy S20 to get a free gift.

Samsung has to come up with a fixed launch date as the Galaxy Home Mini was announced in 2018 along with Galaxy Note 9. Last year, Samsung had also started a beta program to test the speaker and recently, the leaked videos and photos told us more about it. Google & Amazon is now in the market with its Google Home Mini & Amazon Echo respectively so Samsung should take one step further.