Why is BP Function Missing for Galaxy Watch 6

I know it sounds crazy but any Samsung watch or the new Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 & Watch 6 in the US doesn’t come with BP function. In an official answer, Samsung has stated the Blood Pressure or BP function in the US still has to receive clearance from the FDA. It is the reason, one of the essential functions like BP is still missing from the user’s wrist. The other ECG feature is available in the country, but it lacks the blood pressure feature on any Samsung watches.

After buying the smartwatch, many users get confused about its features. Actually, certain things create confusion. These features are exclusive to Samsung Galaxy phones. If you are using other Android phones or iPhones, then you can not use them. Further, You need to upgrade your phone to the latest Android version. India is the latest country in the list that now received both ECG & BP functions. The US users still need to wait a few more weeks or months to get it.

Galaxy Watch BP Function

In the latest update, Samsung has unlocked both these features in India and some other Asian countries. I guess with new Galaxy Watches, Samsung might get green signal from FDA to launch Blood Pressure feature in the North American country. In July, the company will launch Galaxy Watch 7 series with one affordable smartwatch.

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