Samsung Will Solve Major Problem of Galaxy Watch Users with Tattoos

Smartwatches are the perfect gadgets to measure your health data and track daily workout activities. We have come a long way with the watches and we have seen how they have evolved so fast. Still, there are some problems that the companies need to tackle. One such problem is smartwatch sensor mostly doesn’t work when the users have tattoos on their arms. Whether it is Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch both have this particular issue. When the user has a tattoo on wearing wrist, then it interferes with the sensor on the watch, which create an issue.

Now looks like Samsung is actually trying to fix this issue by adding a new setting to its Galaxy Watches. As per the official person at Watch App Manager, Samsung will add a new wearing detection setting on the Galaxy Watch 5 and the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series to tackle the problem.

The Watch App Manager has promised to bring this new feature in the second half of this year. It may first appear on Galaxy Watch 6 and later come to Galaxy Watch 5. There is no mention of Galaxy Watch 4, so we need to wait for official confirmation. Here is what the official person answered in his response (translated).

Galaxy Watch 6 Tattoo Sensor

If you do not receive notification due to a tattoo, the team in charge is working on adding the wearing detection setting, and it will be improved through an update in the second half of the year.

After updating, if you turn off the wearing detection setting, you will be able to receive notifications regardless of whether or not you have a tattoo on your wrist.

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Source (Korean)