Strava Adds New Trail Sports & Features in Latest Update

In the latest update, Strava has added four new trail sports to the activities and also added some new features. Strava is one of the most popular fitness apps, and it works on every possible device. On regular basis, the company updates its app with new features, and this one also brings essential functions. Now with Strava, users can use Trail Run, Mountain Bike, E-Mountain Bike & Gravel Ride modes. These workout modes will boost your confidence in outdoor trekking or exercises.

It has also added the Save routes offline and Complete trail details feature to the app. With these added features, Strava has come closer to what Komoot offers to its users. By saving routes on the device and getting complete route details, you will not be worried about lost routes in unknown areas.

It will also guide you about your next trip and its routes. The app will tell you at what time the route is popular, and further, it tells when in the year is the best time to go. It will also show how much time the route will take to complete.

New Strava Trail Features
Source: Strava

With the help of a large Strava community, the app will guide you on different routes, so you will get quick guidance. For now, all the new Strava features are for subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed yet, then you can do it to use them.

Finally, the first-time paid subscriber can get the benefit of two months of free trials. The latest Strava update will soon be available for all the users across major platforms.