Samsung’s OHO+ App Received One UI 5.0 Support

Samsung’s One Hand Operation+ app has received One UI 5.0 support in the latest app update. As we know, Samsung is going to launch its next major One UI version in the coming weeks, and now it is preparing all its apps for it. The OHO+ app has become the first Good Lock module to get the One UI 5.0 software support. The same app was also the first module that became ready for the One UI 4.1.1 version, which we will see on the next Galaxy Z series foldable phones.

Along with One UI 5.0 or Android 13 support, Samsung has improved the Widget popup feature in a new version. The widget popup feature was introduced in the previous major version for the supported flagship smartphones.

After launching, the widget popup was not stable, and many users complained that they are getting various issues with it. Now, in the latest version, the company has claimed to fix it, so users this time will get a proper response from the feature.

OHO+ One UI 5.0 Support

Lastly, it has fixed various bugs and provided stability to the OHO+ module. The new app version is available to install from the Galaxy Store. It is available to install in almost all the major countries, so you should check for a new app update.

One UI 5.0 beta version will soon start in South Korea, the US, India, and other select countries. The beta testing program might launch in August with the eyes of launching a stable version in September end. Recently, Samsung announced a new beta challenge program in South Korea, so we are near to hearing the launching date soon.