Apple Watch Series 7 Faces Slow Charging in WatchOS 8.5 Update

Apple Watch Series 7 is now on the market for a long time. It is a perfect smartwatch from every angle, and there are no issues found by users yet. The perfect Apple Watch is now facing major issues in the last software version. As per users reported on social media, Series 7 is facing slow battery charging in the latest WatchOS 8.5 update. Many users confirmed they are getting slow speed when charging the battery, and say it is slower than what they received in the last version.

However, Apple provides a fast charging speed, the watches are filling only 5% in an hour, reports users. Some users claim their watch charge 5% in 15 to 20 minutes which is again slower than what Apple has claimed. As per the official announcement, the fast charging facility on Apple Watch Series 7 will give 80% of the battery in 45 minutes of charging. Even if the real-life results are somehow low, the updated charging speed is worst than users expected.

Apple Watch Series 7 Battery Issue

All the users including both Belkin BoostCharge Pro and USB-C Magnetic Fast Charging Cable methods have been affected by WatchOS 8.5 update. Meanwhile, Apple knows about the current slow charging issue, and it is working on a fix. In the latest version, Apple has brought better Email privacy protection, irregular heartbeat recognition, and 14 new Unicode emojis.