Why does Apple Watch Don’t Support Android Phones?

Apple Watch is still a major king in the smartwatch market. Every wearable enthusiast in the world wants to at least once buy Apple Watch. It has a great software ecosystem, third-party app support, smooth performance, that rectangular premium look, and sufficient battery life. Most of the users dream to purchase it, but it is not easy for all the users. The first reason to stop buying it is its lack of Android support. Yes, any Apple Watch from Series 1 to Series 7 does not support Android devices.

Then you may ask why Apple took this decision to stay away from Android. Most of the other smartwatch maker including Samsung & Fitbit has launched smartwatches for Apple users. On the other hand, Apple put its watches exclusive to their iPhones. The only exception here is Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 4, which does not work with Apple products. It may be the South Korean company also want to follow Apple in this business. Here we will know why the company took this decision and why Apple Watch doesn’t work with Android phones.

Apple Watch Android Support

There is no need to go in deep and in every small detail to get the answer. The straight answer is a billion-dollar business behind it. To get one Apple Watch, you also have to purchase an iPhone. No one can buy Apple Watch without an iPhone. The smartwatch only pairs with iPhones, so users don’t have a choice but to get a new iPhone. Even if you love Apple Watch only, and hate the latest iPhone, still you can not simply get it. This way, Apple makes watches dependent on their own users rather than inviting others.

Apple also makes all the software exclusive for its products. You will see many apps and services only available for Apple products, but not on Android. Google & Samsung don’t care about it, and they launch most of their apps & services for Apple products. Apple iPhone users can choose other watches from Garmin, Fossil, Fitbit, Amazfit, Xiaomi & Samsung. It is not the case for Android users as they can only choose other watches except Apple Watch.