Sleep Tracking Guide for Boat Storm Pro & Pro Call

Sleep Tracking Boat Storm Pro

On any smartwatch or fitness tracker, sleep tracking is one of the most essential functions. Every user wants to track their sleep quality and how they slept yesterday. The sleep sensor on Boat Storm was very poor, but the company promised to improve it on the new Storm Pro. In our last article, we unboxed and reviewed Boat Storm Pro. We have seen its build quality, its functions, performance, battery life, and more.

Now, let’s start the Sleep tracking function.

Sleep Tracking Boat Storm Pro

The Boat Storm Pro will provide you with information on deep sleep, light sleep, REM & Awake.

If you don’t know, then REM is Rapid Eye Movement, in which your brain regains its strength, and you also get a sweet dream.

Now we will check whether they have really improved it, or if it still fails to track my sleep. Let’s find out.

Yesterday, when I went to sleep, I fully charged my smartwatch, so I should know how much battery it has consumed.

You can see in the shared images I have received these results.

Sleep Tracking Boat Storm Pro

By looking at my sleep results, it shows I have slept for 5 hours and 55 minutes. Which is accurate. Last night I slept at midnight sharp and woke up when my alarm bells at 6:05 AM. That means it has accurately captured my overall sleeping time.

Sleep Tracking Boat Storm Pro

Next, we can look at the deep sleep data of 2 hours and 34 minutes. In the deep sleep stage, your body gains its strength, and I feel it is also accurate.

Now, talking about light sleep, I manage to sleep for 3 hours and 11 minutes and my awake time is zero. In sleep, I may have changed the positions but never woke up. These data are also correct.

The final verdict is, that the data provided by Boat Storm Pro is accurate. It has perfectly tracked my sleep quality.

Battery Life

As I said earlier I fully charged the battery, and when I checked it in the morning, then you will not believe it, but I still have 99% battery remaining. That’s really impressive. Just 1% battery, that’s amazing. That 200mAh battery inside Boat Storm Pro will run for a long time.

Finally, I am really happy with the score. If you are not getting enough sleep, then you can follow some tips in the Boat Crest app, or consult the doctor.