Fenix 6 Series Gets Major Changes & Improvements in 20.30 Update

As per the sources, Garmin could launch the next Fenix 7 Series smartwatches this month. Though the company will announce new smartwatches, it hasn’t shifted its focus from older models. Garmin is releasing a public version of the 20.30 software version to its Fenix 6 series and Marq series. It is big firmware with several changes, improvements, and fixes to the existing features. Further, it has fixed known issues that have been notified by users in the beta versions.

In the Bike activity, you will notice additional support for eBike, eMTB, Cyclocross, Gravel Bike, Bike Commute, Bike Tour, and Road Bike. Also, the new activities have been added to the HIIT, Snowshoe, Tenis, Pedal, and Pickleball activity profiles and workouts. In the Pulse Ox measurement, it will popup-up an alert if hand movement is too high or enable to get accurate results. Further, the Fenix 6 series has received supports in other features.

Here is the full changelog for Fenix 6 Series watches.

  • Added ability to turn off recording activity during a golf round.
  • Added an alert to notify a user when a battery is critically low during a music sync.
  • Added HRV Support from chest strap for Yoga and breathwork.
  • Added pop-up to Pulse Ox Measuring feature if the device detects too much movement and cannot get an accurate measurement.
  • Added support for new biking activity profiles: eBike, eMTB, Cyclocross, Gravel Bike, Bike Commute, Bike Tour, and Road Bike.
  • Added support for the HIIT activity profile and workouts.
  • Added support for the Pickleball profile.
  • Added support for the Padel profile.
  • Added support for the snowshoe activity profile.
  • Added support for the tennis activity profile.
  • Added new tips to indicate which activities support Incident detection.
  • Improved Explore Sync app waypoint load times.
  • Improved Lactate Threshold and Altitude Acclimation algorithms.
  • Improved measurement loading UI when taking a SpO2 measurement.
  • Update the altimeter’s auto-calibration to be either be “On” or “Nightly”. Setting to “On” will set the device to periodically calibrate altitude throughout the day. Setting to “Nightly” will set the device to calibrate altitude at night and before the start of an activity.
  • Fixed issue with alarms intermittently not going off when the device is set in Max. Battery Mode.
  • Fixed display issues on the device after navigating to a point initiated by the Garmin Explore App.
  • Fixed issue where selecting a single point on a map that contained multiple items would not display the items properly.
  • Fixed issue that would corrupt open water swim activity files.
  • Fixed issue where PacePro bands would not be recognized by the device.
  • Fixed issue with activities reporting incorrect Activity Calories and Training Effect data.