AT&T Rolling Out June Update for Galaxy S10 with Night Mode

Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos users are the first ones to enjoy dedicated night mode on their new smartphones. Now the latest June update with the firmware version G973USQU2ASF6 for Galaxy S10 & G975USQU2ASF6 for Galaxy S10+ is headed to the US, and AT&T is the first carrier to release it for its users. The update is available for Galaxy S10, & Galaxy S10+ models. The version brings dedicated Night Mode as well as QR scanner to these premium smartphones. Now users don’t have to use the Bixby vision to scan QR codes.

The latest version also added vibration feedback for navigation gestures, allowing users to use an extra screen inside the app by hiding the standard Android navigation bar. Samsung has recently updated all their flagship phones with these features. The Galaxy S9, S9+, Galaxy Note 9 and even mid-range smartphones, Galaxy A50 has received these dedicated Night Mode feature.

Galaxy S10 Update

In the May update, Samsung has released new features with a security patch, and now all the major countries received it. US users were behind the schedule as like always they get new versions as per their carriers. Last week, T-Mobile released the June security patch for the Galaxy S10 series, which missed all the new features. Now AT&T has rolled out the latest version, all the remaining telecom operators will start to push it. To check for new version, go to, Settings – Software Update – Download & Install to get it manually.