Facebook on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Facebook is the most popular social media app worldwide, and it’s the app used by billions of people to share their ideas and posts. Using Facebook on Android and Apple devices is a common thing. But using it on smartwatches like Samsung Gear S3, Gear Sport & new Galaxy Watch is a different thing. You can download apps like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media on smartphones from Android Play Store. Also, from the other platforms available, but the process is not the same for the wearables.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the latest and updated version of smart wearables which runs on the Tizen 4.0 Operating System.

Apps like this and WhatsApp Messenger consume more space and battery; that’s why they are not available for download on smartwatches. Here we will see how to use the Facebook app on the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch.

It is effortless to get notifications from Facebook Notifications of posts or chats on Galaxy Watch by activating notifications of these apps on the watch. To enable the notifications and get the alerts from Facebook, go to the Settings, and select the Manage Notifications options.

Facebook on Galaxy Watch

After selecting the option of manage notifications, you will see the list of all apps which support the Galaxy Watch. Then go to the Facebook option on that list. Here press the ON button to enable the notification from this app.

Hereafter you will be able to receive all the notifications from the app, and your smartwatch will also alert you about future updates. To read the notifications on your screen, swipe the screen to the left.

Samsung Galaxy Watch has all the latest technology and functionalities. It has enough RAM and excellent processor with productive battery life supporting several hours of mixed usages.

The Galaxy wearable is all set to compete with its rivals like Apples upcoming Apple Watch Series4 and Googles Android Wear watches. It is now available in almost all major markets of the world for the customers.

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  1. Im complaining about sumsung z4 i think is not a smart phone just because if i want to download facebook and shareit is not responding so tell me what must i do because i think this device is useless to me

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