Samsung hasn’t clear when it will re-launch Galaxy Fold into the market. It might take another month or a month & half for its reappearance & Samsung media person has already declared that they are doing their best to make it happen in the next month. Though there are some customers who are losing their patience and cancelling their pre-orders. Now to stop them from cancelling their Galaxy Fold pre-orders, company is now sending reward points to all the customers. As per the 2 points for $1 purchase value, customers are getting points for their spending on the Fold. Customers can get maximum $20 ($1=200 points) value of points on single purchase and they can redeem them later. Many customers have been complaining on Samsung forum and other portals so company has decided to give reward points as goodwill gesture.

We don’t think reward points will change mind of customers as they have invested nearly $1980 on the product, which is too expensive than any other smartphone. Still the news, customers can use these reward points on their checkout when they purchase Samsung products from the official website. Anyway, if you have pre-ordered Galaxy Fold then you can check for your reward points in your Samsung account.

Galaxy Fold

Last week, Samsung has sent email to all the customers who have been pre-ordered Galaxy Fold. In the email it had clearly said users must confirm to keep their orders to avail the product when it available into market. Later in the interview, Samsung spokesperson said company is working to release it in the next month. There is no fix date for the release but we think Samsung may soon announce the date.

This time Galaxy Fold is again in the production house for testing and changing some parts to make sure this time everything goes well. Samsung is focusing on main issue of device so it could prevent from damaging screen from outside dust and other obstacles. This time protective layer will be made of better screen protector so users will use it for longer than just one day. We will inform you when we hear something new from company, till then you think where you want spend your reward points.

By Madhav Biradar

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