Customers Must Confirm To Keep Galaxy Fold Orders, Says Samsung

There are the issues regarding durability of the screen of Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone, just after the device was available for the reviewers. They reported the issue about breaking of the display. This issue raises the question about the sustainability of the screen of the foldable device and it’s response to repeated foldings and unfolding. It is obviously a matter of concern for the Samsung so right after the issue Samsung asked all users to return Galaxy Fold. Now it looks like Samsung needs some more time to release its first foldable phone. In this time Samsung has asked all its users who pre-ordered the Fold to confirm their purchase. Samsung clearly said that company need some more time to fix the problem so users must confirm whether they want to wait for a while or cancel their pre-order.

After the response from reviewers, Samsung committed to thoroughly inquire into the issue. Samsung statement assures that it will inspect all theses units in order to find the cause of damage. Due to the issue, Samsung postponed the shipment of all pre-orders of the device until the issue has been resolved completely. In the email Samsung apologized to all its customers and requests to confirm their order.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Reports from the significant portion of the media who got early access to the device mentions that screen has broken and half of the screen goes completely black. However, there are speculations that the issue happening due to the removal of the protective layer of the screen that comes with the device. Samsung mentioned that this protective layer is to save the screen from unwanted scratches and removing it may cause damage.

Samsung apologizes for the delays happened in the shipment of Galaxy Fold device and provides the option of order cancellation for those who can’t wait much long. If you don’t cancel your orders before device is being shipped, then if the devices are not shipped by 31st May all the pre-orders will be cancelled automatically. To avoid automatic cancellation you can choose the option to keep your order continue.